What would you think if you suddenly saw some random feet on your IG feed. One sockless, the other with a cool white sock. I thought the same so I posted my favorite pair of white socks on my Instagram account the other day.

I love photography, but on a more “express yourself” way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What I think they don’t say is that there are different ways of expressing besides words.

Your facial expression.

Even the way you sit. Body language I think it’s called.

I think I love photography because I can say more than what I found myself capable on a regular conversation without taking full commitment of what was understood.

If someone understands something else about my pics I can say “I didn’t mean that, I took this photo because…” Because when you actually say something wrong you later regret. It’s done.

And later you have this permanent inner voice thought: “Why didn’t I think before I spoke?”

I’ll just keep posting pics, might even be a photographer one day.